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Danielle Boinay grew up in the Oregon countryside west of Portland. As a child she spent a lot of time exploring the lush and rainy forests, climbing trees, building little fairy houses out of wood and moss with her dad, and wandering alongside windy little streams. She and her siblings often laid out in the fields looking at the night sky hoping to spot a shooting star. When they did, it was like finding a piece of treasure!

When she wasn't playing outside she loved to sneak into her mom's work room and pull out her old sketchbooks to poor over them for inspiration. She'd get lost in the whimsical worlds her mother created on paper. Afterwards she'd run to her room where she would perch by the window and sketch her own magical creatures while the rain trickled down on the trees outside.

In 2012 my life took an unexpected turn. Just a week after my honeymoon she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her newlywed life was thrown upside down, and while she had the best doctors around, there was still the risk that this ordeal would affect her ability to have children. However, Danielle and her husband pressed forward and made an effort to stay positive in a terrible situation. She leaned heavily on her husband for support and also found herself turning to painting to lift her spirits.

After four short (in terms of cancer treatments) but intense months filled with major surgery, countless doctors appointments, radioactive treatment and two weeks of isolation in her bedroom, she was declared cancer free. A few years later she had her son, who they named Orion, after the stars she loved.

Her art is often inspired by the nature she grew up in, especially the starry skies of Oregon and her son's namesake. She frequently incorporates those stars and other celestial elements into her paintings to remind her of how magical life has been, despite its ups and downs. She hope that her art brings that same magic to other people who are kind enough to bring it into their own homes!